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What is vibrational healing?

Scientific evidence supports that everything in our world and in the known universe is made of energy, vibrating at various speeds. Therefore, as we understand it, the Universe is vibrational in nature. All matter emits a frequency, including us. We are not just physical beings, but also manifested forms of energy (spiritual beings). Disruptions (trauma, disease, accidents, heartbreak, etc.) change the frequency and flow of the energy field of the physical form. Vibrational healers work with the unseen forces governing the activation and creation of our physical world and act as transformers of this life force energy. Through the use of various systems and tools created to work specifically with the energy fields and meridians of the client, the practitioner entrains and elevates the client's energetic systems to allow the energy body to clear the blockage or "glitch" on an energetic level and this clearing is reflected in the improvement of the client's physical / emotional / mental / spiritual wellbeing. Vibrational healing therapies target the energetic root cause of the disruption and are intended to clear the blockage to allow for the natural harmonious flow of energy to resume uninterrupted. When the energy flow is reestablished, a stronger frequency or vibration is created and a greater sense of vitality is achieved.

What is Reiki?

Rhonda's primary modality is the use of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki. Reiki is a gentle, loving healing practice that is Japanese in origin. The name "Reiki" is derived from the Japanese word ("rei" meaning God's higher wisdom or higher power and "ki" life force energy". Therefore, Reiki is thought of as "spiritually guided life force energy". While Reiki is spiritual in nature, it is not based in religion. It is not necessary to believe in the power of reiki for it to work.

A Reiki session is generally experienced as deeply relaxing and peaceful. Reiki treats the whole person (mind/body/spirit/emotions) and is a simple, natural, and effective method of stress reduction, relaxation and renewal. It has been effective in assisting in the treatment of almost any known disease or malady and is a beneficial complement to any medical or therapeutic program of wellness.

The ability to use Reiki is not learned in the traditional sense, but transferred through the passing of the ability through an "attunement" during the course of study.

During a session, energy is transferred from the practitioner to the client through the "laying of hands". The practice is non-invasive. The client is fully clothed and usually a light blanket covers the client for their additional comfort during the session.

Rhonda's primary goal is to empower her clients through the healing journey. All of Rhonda's sessions begin with the client choosing an intention for the session. This intention creates a focus for the energy to begin to coalesce in concert with the client's highest and best good as it relates to the intention expressed.

What is Quantum Touch?

Quantum Touch, developed by Richard Gorden, is a natural vibrational healing system that works with Life Force Energy ("ki" Japanese, "chi " in Chinese, "prana" in Sanskrit, "mana" in Hawaiian, etc. and is the name of the energy that flows through all living things). The breathing and visualization techniques used in Quantum Touch focus, amplify and expand the healing energies available to the client facilitating the body's natural healing abilities. During a Quantum Touch session, the client will notice the practitioner's breathing is usually audible and that breathing patterns may vary during the course of the session. Each pattern of breathing, in combination with various visualization techniques, and specific hand positions contribute to a powerfully focused treatment.

What is TMJ Reset?

TMJ Reset, was developed and researched by Phillip Rafferty, a Melbourne based kinesiologist.

The techniques of TMJ focus on relaxing the jaw muscles, thereby correctly resetting the Temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Because over 80% of the electrical messages from the brain to the muscles and back to the brain are affected by the TMJ, even a fractional imbalance of the jaw muscles may cause confused electrical messages to the other muscles of the body.

TMJ is non-invasive. The practitioner gently places their hands in various positions on the face. Energy is transferred to the client and the process facilitates the relaxing of the muscles, nerves, and ligaments of the jaw muscles, enabling the TMJ to reset. This balances the body's hydration, structure, muscles, neurology, glands and organs.

What is Tong Ren?

Tong Ren is a vibrational healing system developed by Tom Tam, and is an integral part of the Tom Tam Healing System. Tong Ren is based on the belief that disease is related to interruptions or blockages in the body's natural flow of chi, affecting the neural bioelectricity, blood, or hormones of the body. Tong Ren intends to remove these blockages, enabling the body to restore its natural ability to heal itself.

Tong Ren combines western knowledge of anatomy and physiology with the ancient principle of "chi" or life force energy to create a powerful healing modality. Drawing on the Jungian theory of the "collective unconscious", Tong Ren is believed to access energy from the universal source and direct it to the patient. Tong Ren does not require physical contact and therefore is most often practiced as a distant healing technique.

Tong Ren practitioners use an acupuncture model as a surrogate for the client. Various tools are used to "tap" a series of acupuncture points, each series specific to the physical and/or emotional issues challenging the client. The energy is transferred at a specific time, mutually agreed upon by both the client and the practitioner. As the practitioner "taps" the particular patterns into the model, the corresponding energy is relayed to the client. In this way, the blockage in the energetic system of the client is released. As blood flow, neural transmission, and hormone reception are restored, the body is then able to heal.

With Respect

Rhonda acknowledges and understands that these subtle energy or vibrational therapies challenge our collective acceptance of what is possible in the physical world. It is through her personal healing journey and her direct experience of the positive results of these healing systems that she feels compelled to share this work with others. Her greatest wish is to be a door opener for her clients to awaken to a deeper sense of their inner being and to claim ownership of their own power to heal the uncomfortable circumstances in their lives.

"Miracles, in the sense of phenomena we cannot explain, surround us on every hand: life itself is the miracle of miracles."

- George Bernard Shaw


"According to my doctor's prognosis, my ability to function normally should be dramatically reduced. Thankfully to Rhonda's treatments I am basically pain free and my range of motion has improved dramatically."

- Richard


"With Rhonda's treatments my osteoarthritis pain disappeared and I no longer take medication. For years I was also plagued with constant digestive problems, which have now disappeared. The side effect was weight loss that I'd been trying to achieve for years as well."

- Marilyn